Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Best New 10 Websites From Internet (Weekly Update)


1. Vodafone Digital Parenting

The Internet is intimidating enough for adults, let alone kids, so we're pleased to see Vodafone helping parents keep their children safe in the digital age. For several years, the telecom titan's Digital Parenting magazine has highlighted potential dangers on the web. Originally found at, the new, streamlined hub is a goldmine of tips for you and your family, from how to help kids spot fake news to managing screen time. For a fun flavor of the updated site, for a modern reimagining of the classic fairytale.

2. Digital Spy

Digital Spy has been racking up the hits for almost 20 years and its new, distraction-free design makes it even easier to get the hottest takes from the showbiz world. The site caters for telly addicts and movie buffs, serving up a diet of accessible news and reviews that, being a UK site, is less glossy (and gossipy) than US counterparts. There's a major focus on big names like Doctor Who and Star Wars, but you'll also find light-hearted consumer-technology news and the ever-popular Digital Spy forums. Just be warned that clicking the Now TV link in the navigation bar whisks you to a portal where every slice of content is sponsored by Sky's internet TV service.

3. Virgin Active

After gorging on mince pies and Quality Street over Christmas, the new Virgin Active website may be your next port of call. It's a simple redesign - as toned and energetic as a gym-bunny - with a search bar dominating the site, as videos of active folk dash across the background. Just enter your location to discover your nearest Virgin Active and everything it offers (did someone say 'spa'?). Clicking the Active News link, however, is literally a pointless exercise: it's an About Us page with a few ads for services - you'll need to provide your email address for the 'Workout Wednesday' tips.

4. My London

Mirror publisher Reach has merged local online titles Get West London and the Croydon Advertiser to create a city-wide news site: My London (presumably, that's your London, too). Given that's a broad remit, you can, thankfully, narrow down your search to specific areas of the capital, or by topics including Comedy, Sports and Events. Peppered among general news stories are magazine-style human-interest pieces including the 'secret' Star Wars store and hidden pauper's graveyard. However, not everyone will agree with its tagline: 'Best. City. Ever'.

5. Royal Pharmaceutical Society

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has a fine 178-year history of representing pharmacy professionals, and its new website dispenses (haha!) with the sterile whites and blues of its predecessor in favour of a rainbow carousel and personal photographs. Explore the most respected journals and find out the latest causes supported by the RPS. Elsewhere, the About Us page is a well-stocked treasure trove of information, including details about the society's museum. If this is a profession you're looking to get into, you'll find heaps of advice.

6. Dales Rocks  

The Yorkshire Dales is one of the UK's best-loved locations, and the Dales Rocks website unearths its stunning stories and sets them in stone. There's an emphasis on geology, but the text is written by a schoolteacher so the language is clear and easy to understand - even if you don't know your cyclothems from your Late Carboniferous. Dig around to uncover the history of rock formations and the finest walks across this National Park. The interactive map is worth a wander, too, charting areas of geological interest, with links to the relevant information on the site.

7. The Pulse

The Pulse, from the Women Leaders Global Forum, asks you to join the conversation'. Looking like a weird strand of DNA, this interactive site tracks over 10,000 real-time Twitter chats every day, focusing on empowering women in leadership roles. Drag, zoom and rotate your way through each element of this surreal design to read what people are really talking about when it comes to women's impact on topics such as community and power. A pop-up box displays other Twitter users' reactions to the tweet, but we found it difficult to actually join the conversation; there's no way to tweet those featured on the site.

8. Look Like Love

Giving young British designers a leg-up, Look Like Love sells unique products from some of the country's top emerging artists and graduates. As you'd expect, it's an attractive website and as minimalist as a Scandinavian bedroom. If any of the limited editions catch your eye, draw your mouse over the image for a close-up look, then add to cart: checkout is straightforward and secure. Every hand-crafted piece - you'll find cushions, ceramics, and homewares -entices conversation, although the prints might be a little avant-garde for those with more traditional tastes. We may not know art, but we know what we like.

9. Pyjama Fairies

Fairies do exist - and they craft pyjamas and surgical gowns for poorly children undergoing surgery. These colourful garments are designed to help make unnerving stays in hospital just that little bit more bearable. The website isn't the slickest of the charities we've covered recently - website navigation is almost solely confined to drop-down menus, while the home screen is dedicated to showcasing the good work the charity does for children. Donations and a shop are housed on the site, as well as an 'Order Now' page where parents can get the magical jim-jams for their poorly youngsters before visiting hospital.

10. Epic Games Store

Having conquered the world with its juggernaut battle royale shooter, Fortnite, Epic Games is gunning for the Steam Store. Hi-res images and videos do a dandy job of showcasing the latest games - it's worth exploring each title to see key details like minimum PC specs and the game's social-media accounts. Checkout is quick using credit card, PayPal or Amazon Payments. Future plans are promising - including two free games a month and better revenue shares for developers - but it feels rushed: the storefront is as barren as an offie on New Year's Eve, and there isn't even a search bar. If you're aiming to abandon your Steam library, you may have to wait a while yet.