Monday, May 9, 2022

Best 6 Free Online Calendars

 What better way to start planning for the New Year than with a new calendar that syncs across all your devices? we organize the best cross-platform calendars and puts them in order.

1. Microsoft


Embracing Windows, Mac OS, smartphones, tablets and the web, Microsoft's Outlook is the king of cross-platform calendar apps (with a slice of email thrown in). And while Microsoft's Office 365 subscription gets you the full Outlook software, we found the free Windows Mail offers near-identical tools without the need to stump up the annual charges. All you need to get started is a personal Outlook account.

Most calendar apps have a dull interface - there's not much you can do with a grid of numbers, after all - but Outlook is clean almost to the point of understatement across all platforms, with slim, color-coded agendas neatly occupying the generously proportioned boxes assigned to each day.

Creating calendar events is as simple or as detailed as you need it to be. The basics let you set a name, description, date, and time. Then, if required, you can go ahead and include any of Outlook's optional extras: add a location, invite a pal, attach a file, or set reminders that ping notifications to whatever device you're using.

You're also free to change which 'calendar' this event is tied to because one of Outlook's best features is its ability to pull multiple calendars together. So, if you're running a Google or Apple calendar on the side, add it to Outlook and view it alongside your others. Calendar apps from Evernote, Facebook, Wunderlist, and Meetup are also supported, while Microsoft lets you add schedules for nation-specific holidays and your favorite sports teams, automatically displaying forthcoming games and even updating once the score comes in.

2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is perfectly balanced for personal and professional use. Dig into this distraction-free calendar and you'll find a bounty of clever features, such as switching time zones and deploying Find A Time to scour your agenda and prevent clashing appointments.

Who said calendars need to be boring? Switch to Schedule view and the calendar's smart enough to add stylized boards to forthcoming events based on themes or locations. Got a dinner reservation? Google pulls up a photo of the restaurant, while birthdays display your contacts' photos.

The smartphone app also lets you schedule reminders, out-of-office responses, and goals. This excellent feature reminds you to take some 'me time' for the important things in life. Set your goal and the app locates the best time based on other calendar events, adjusting as it learns your habits.

3. TimeTree   


TimeTree is a mobile and web-based calendar that's earned itself an Editors' Choice stamp in the Google Play Store. Not only does it let you escape the clutches of Microsoft and Google, but it's also happy not to reinvent the wheel, displaying large, spacious boxes that let you quickly see events without squinting and scrolling.

Create a new calendar and give it a purpose - Family, Work, Groups, and so on. After choosing who or what your calendar is for, you can add a cover image, a color, and a description. These personalization options are such a simple addition that we expect TimeTree's more famous competitors will nab the idea soon.

The focus of the calendar is on sharing, so once it's set up, just fire off a link to anyone who needs to see it - all they need is an email address. The developers are promising to introduce a Weekly View soon.


Combining tasks, to-dos, and calendars, is almost the ultimate cross-platform time-management app: not only is it available on smartphones, but also smart speakers: and not just Windows, but wearables, too. Oh, and don't forget browser extensions. There's no true web app yet, but it's on its way, and as soon as it's available, will be a serious contender for our coveted Gold Award. One to watch.

5. OneCalendar  


OneCalendar is more collator than the calendar, seamlessly pulling together all your other calendars -from Google to iCloud, Facebook to Office365 - into a single app. Best of all, it features offline support and stores all your data on your device, keeping it more secure than cloud-based alternatives. If you use Windows, Android, iPhone, or iPad, there's much to recommend here. However, with no web application, Mac OS users need to go elsewhere.

6. Cozi   


Cozi is, strictly speaking, a family organizer. Don't let that put you off, though. This multi-platform calendar has been around for yonks - it shows in its creaking design - but it's got unique extras such as shopping lists, meal planners, to-dos, and a journal. A