Friday, May 20, 2022

30 Tricks You Need to Know About!


1. Buy PC games direct from Twitch

Twitch now lets you buy and download games direct from the pages of many of its partnered streamers. Titles include Broken Age and Titan Souls, and purchases are made via your Amazon account.

2. Discover new NHS apps

The NHS has created a beta website to recommend digital tools for improving your health. So far it has approved just one - myCOPD - and is still testing others, but it's a great way of seeing which apps are built on solid medical evidence.

3. Find out who owns UK land

Want to know more about that patch of land up the road? Click its location on this map to see details from the Land Registry, its potential for agriculture, the risk of flooding and any planning restrictions.

4. Insure yourself with a chatbot

Sign up to Kevinsured and you can ask chatbot Kevin to cover you against fraud, theft, scams, fakes and more when you're buying on sites such as Cragslist and Gumtree. It's free to use and you're protected up to the equivalent of $100 (£80).

5. Lighten up your emails

The Emotional Labor extension for Gmail scans your emails to make your messages more friendly. Created to be more satirical than useful, clicking the smiley face adds exclamation marks, informal greetings and 'lots'.

6. Get Alexa on your television

Amazon's digital assistant Alexa is now available on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, allowing you to launch apps, control content and search on your television using your voice. To find out more about Alexa, turn to our FAG on page 36.

7. See how far you can travel

Click anywhere on this map and layers of colours will show how far you can drive from that location within a set period of time, taking into account congestion, public transport and round-trips. You can add up to five destination markers for specific route information.

8. Build the highest tower

This tricky game from Guinness World Records invites you to build the highest tower possible. Click the screen to make individual blocks fall but be careful: should one misplaced brick fall, it's game over.

9. Stream SoundCloud with iOS

You've long been able to stream music from SoundCloud to your Chromecast on Android, but not in the iOS app. Now, subscribers to SoundCloud Go+ can benefit on both platforms.

10. Shout about web content

This Chrome extension and iOS app lets you save and share web content. When you see an article, PDF, video or image you like, simply tap the Shout button. You can also organize the items into lists, which you can make private or public.

11. Download NASA software for free

NASA's 2017-18 software catalogue is packed with tools that the space agency uses to explore the universe. It's complex stuff, but you can download any program for free.

12. See a map of movie locations

This map shows 82 homes in the UK that have appeared in movies, including Harry Potter and Batman. You can search by location and genre, and the website pinpoints the various spots. You can see a Street View image too.

13. Watch video previews in Netflix

Netflix's spruced-up interface uses real-time video to let you watch previews of shows as you're browsing. These deliver a short synopsis of a programme and can be viewed via game consoles, smart TVs and Roku devices.

14. Play a classic synth in your browser

Hop online and try this interactive simulation which recreates the layout of the 1984 vintage Roland Juno-106 synth and lets you play around with its analog sound.

15. Look at Tube map rip-offs

Henry Beck's famous London Underground map was conceived in 1931 and has inspired many copycats and parodies since. This map uses the classic design to list 300 imitators. using the stations as links to each example.

16. View Roman inscriptions

There are thousands of Roman inscriptions across the UK, and this map lets you find many of them. Click markers to see drawings of each one, along with details of where and when they were found.

17. Check house market fluidity

Wondering how long houses take to sell in your area? Enter a postcode into this tool and it uses data from Rightmove and the Land Registry to give you an estimate. It also shows the difference between asking prices and the eventual sale price.

18. Create a bee friendly garden

The ecological importance of bees is well known, but populations have slumped. This tool lets you look up the flowers in your garden to see how bee-friendly your patch is, and discover which plants can help it become better for pollinators.

19. Check hygiene ratings

Just Eat is now dishing out Food Standards Agency hygiene information for tens of thousands of restaurants. Before ordering your grub, click the Info tab on the eatery's page to see a rating and find out when it was last inspected.

20. See and hear London species

Download the Deep Listener app and head for Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park in London There you can embark on an augmented-reality ecological expedition that lets you see and hear London plane trees, bats, parakeets, azure blue damselflies and reedbeds.

21. Switch from songs to videos

 Subscribers to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium can now switch from playing audio to watching a music video without interrupting the tune. The feature works for five million tracks.

22. Report fake news on Instagram

False content can be flagged for attention on Instagram by launching the app, tapping the three-dot menu and selecting Report and Its Inappropriate. Tap False Information and the report will train Al to watch out for similar content in future.

23. Calculate the chance of rain

This weather calculator warns if rain will ruin a wedding day, but its Met Office data can also be used to predict the dampness of future events. Enter a date and region to see a percentage chance of rainfall.

24. Get your podcast on Spotify

If you're a podcaster, Spotify for Podcasters lets you share your audio with audiences and provides a discovery and analytics dashboard to view average listening times, total listeners and episode streams.

25. Keep score of the rugby

Keep up with 2019 Rugby World Cup - running till 2 November - via Google News. View the scores of past games, see upcoming matches, watch highlights via YouTube and check the latest news and tables.

26. Use Gmail's new dark mode

To use Dark Mode in the Android Gmail app, set your entire device to the dark theme or open Settings in Gmail and select Theme, Dark. The app also darkens on Pixel phones with Battery Saver enabled. On iOS, go to Settings, Dark Theme.

27. Tour the Palace of Versailles

This stunning tour of the majestic French palace includes 18 online exhibitions and 3D models of rooms and objects, as well as a SteamVR app that has reconstructed 3D models of objects from 2D images.

28. Follow topics on Twitter

Rather than trying to keep up with the latest news by following individuals on Twitter, you can now follow topics instead. Search for a subject (there are more than 300) and choose Follow in the results.

29. Remove Facebook shortcuts

Facebook now lets you manage its navigation options in the Android and i05 apps. Tap and hold an icon (such as Marketplace or Watch) to remove it from the shortcuts bar or turn off the notification dots.

30. Search The Guardian records

The Guardian News & Media Archive's records relate to its online presence from 1995 until 2009. Use terms such as "guardian online" for written descriptions of documents, but you'll need to make an appointment and visit the paper's London office to view them.