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Best Free  PDF Editors Windows  2022

 You don't need a dedicated program to see a PDF's contents - just open and view the file in your browser. However, if you want to make changes, you'll need specialist editing software. We check out six free tools that let you tweak text and images in PDFs.

1. Apowersoft Online PDF Editor

Apowersoft Online PDF Editor

Apowersoft's PDF Editor comes in two flavors: an online version and a free download. We recommend using the online version because the free download stamps your PDFs with a watermark.

Using the online version requires that you download a launcher, so it doesn't feel like an online tool in the traditional sense that you need to access it in a browser. We loaded some complex PDFs into the software and it immediately discovered the text (even text in unusual fonts) so we could get on with editing it.

The tool is adept at distinguishing tricky elements such as images placed in layers and allowed us to move and remove them. All this is done by simply clicking the Edit button at the top and selecting the element you want to change.

It can't edit absolutely everything - we found a few fonts that it couldn't handle and it wouldn't work on text that had been rotated. It also failed to edit the images in some documents - we suspect it depends on how the original designer has saved the file. But don't let these minor setbacks put you off - there are still plenty of things you can do with this software.

At a document level, you can remove pages and insert new pages. You can also create PDFs from scratch, though it's not ideal for this because it doesn't have enough layout tools. Also, it uses American paper sizes, so you'll need to set the size of an A4 PDF manually.

2. PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor provides both free and paid-for versions, but its website reassuringly claims that 60% of the tools in the full version are active and usable in the free one. Unfortunately, some of that missing 40% affects the editing sphere so while you can, for example, edit text for free, making other changes - such as manipulating images or other features or adding new pages - will leave your saved version stamped with a watermark.

Nevertheless, we were impressed with the power of the text editing, which was able to tackle some text items that even the award-winning Apowersoft tool couldn't make changes to.

The interface will look reassuringly familiar to anyone who's used a Microsoft Office program in the last decade. The tools are laid out in a ribbon toolbar that's very easy to find your way around, even when you're first getting to grips with the program.

3. Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda PDF Editor

Sometimes, all you want to do is make a small change to the text of a PDF file, such as correcting a typo in your otherwise carefully crafted document. In such cases, having to download a whole program seems like overkill, and you can just as easily do the job using a browser-based tool.

Sejda PDF Editor might be all you need. Most of the things it can do are concerned with adding elements to your PDF, such as extra pages and images - so long as you're happy for them to lay on top of the existing contents. If you need to block out a whole section, for example, this tool could handle that easily.

There's also a text-editing tool that did a surprisingly good job of detecting fonts and letting us edit the text in place.

4. Icecream PDF

Icecream PDF

Icecream PDF Editor's clean interface is very easy to use - simply click an element to edit it and make your changes. Unfortunately, the execution isn't quite as clean - some changes we made to documents didn't pick up the correct font and defaulted to a basic Windows version, which was disappointing.

5. pdfFiller  


This online PDF editor works with files of up to 25MB in size. Because it's online, you have to first upload your PDF to the site, so it's not as immediately usable as a downloaded program. Once that's done, though, just switch your browser to full screen and it's just like any other software. It wasn't so good at replacing unusual fonts, though, and switched them instead for similar-looking alternatives.

6. PDFescape 


This online editor is designed to accompany a more sophisticated paid-for program, and we found the tool had been pared-back too far. You can add elements - images, text boxes, and even more complex additions such as forms - to a page, but you can't edit what's already there without upgrading to the paid-for version.

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10 Amazing Websites That Will Make Your Life Easier

I'm always on the hunt for useful websites that can help you to increase your productivity teach you a new skill or give you the resources you need to improve your online life.

coming up, I will show you 10 amazing websites in various categories. Hopefully, you find at least one or two of these to be useful for you.

let's get started.


typing calms, a fantastic resource that will help you to improve your typing skills. especially for those of you that are still using the hunt and peck method.

the interactive lessons will teach you the basics of typing along with more advanced facets including getting help with problem keys, speed drills, and techniques to reduce the strain that causes carpal tunnel syndrome. is completely free for all ages. just follow the steps in each lesson. you will need to sign up and log in to save your progress.

2. Atlas Obscura

When visiting a new town or city, this website is a must-have travel resource that will help you to find amazing places that you won't typically find in a guidebook. it's easy to use click in the search box, you will have the option to find places near your current location or you could enter the location you're planning to visit in the search box. according to this, it has found 73 places here in and around New Orleans. Click on it here it will show you the guide for the city you selected. if you scroll down, the page will show you the list of unusual attractions clicking on any of them will bring up photos along with a detailed description of that attraction.

3. Interneting Is Hard

if you're an absolute beginner internetting is hard may have a silly name but it's a great place to learn web development. it's 100% free with no hidden paywalls. their HTML and CSS tutorials are in the plain-spoken text making it easy for folks to easily follow along and includes more than 250 diagrams and code examples.

here at the top select start here to begin to be sure to read the introduction thoroughly it will give you background information expectations and will let you know the free tools that you will need to complete the course.

4. Firefox Send

If you haven't used it yet, Firefox Send lets you share your files with a link that will automatically expire. the files are encrypted up to one gigabyte. if you sign in that limit goes up to two and a half gigabytes. which is not too bad considering Gmail has a limit of only 25 megabytes. you have the choice to drag and drop your files into the window or select files to upload to browse your computer you can select the plus to select additional files just as long as the total size does not exceed the limit. the default when your link expires is 1 download or one day.

The downloads limit can be changed to up to 100 downloads and the daily limit is 7 days. you also have the choice to protect your files with a password. when you are ready click on upload, when it's done uploading just copy the link and share it with whomever you want.

5. Duolingo


If you've ever wanted to learn a new language Duolingo can help with a series of activities and games. they now offer more than 30 languages for you to choose from. including Spanish Korean, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, and for the Star Trek fans out there you can now learn Klingon.

To begin to select the language you would like to learn. I'll go with Klingon, choose a daily goal 10 minutes per day seems like a decent amount it continued. it will then ask you if you're new or already know some of the languages. in this case, I'll choose new to Klingon from here on out just follow the instructions.

6. WhatTheFont


On the Myfonts website, they have a tool called WhatTheFont. that will help you to figure out the best match for the thoughts being used in your picture. it's easy to use just drag and drop a photo from your computer into the window.

It will then automatically select text from your image or you can left-click on any word in the photo to select it, then click on the blue button, it will now show you several fonts that closely match the word you selected in your photo up.

7. Scribd


Which is an ebook and audiobook service with more than 1 million titles. they're often referred to as the Netflix for books. the service offers unlimited reading each month for more than 1,000 publishers including Bloomsbury, Mcmillan & Simon & Schuster to name a few. you'll find that many of the top authors are available.

For example, if you're a fan of Stephen King you'll find a vast collection of his works on the script. they give you a 30-day free trial to try out the service. when the trial ends because it's just $8.99 per month. in addition to their website and support for Kindle devices, they also have apps available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

8. Techmeme


This will be a quick one Techmeme is one of the top sites I use when I want to find out the latest news in technology. none of the news stories are about politics, sports, pop culture, or anything else. they make it easier to get the top stories from the world of technology using various sources all on one page.

Which is all I want from a new site.

9. Creative Market

Creative Market

Creative Market is an online store featuring design assets generated from their community. here you can get new themes for your site, logo designs, cool-looking fonts, and a whole lot more. but the primary reason I'm showing you this Web site is that each week beginning every Monday. they give away six free things which are reason enough to bookmark this site.

10. Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood is a rain simulator, that can help you to focus and boost productivity with the sounds of a summer rainstorm. it's been around for many years and unlike some of the other noise generators, I've shown you in the past. it lacks the toggles and switches to customize it. which might be great for those of you that don't like having too many options. all you have to do is hit the play button to begin.

Let us know in the comments which amazing websites you use that could possibly benefit others.

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How to Start Investing in Real Estate as a Clueless Beginner

 Real estate investing can be a terrific method to generate monthly income, achieve financial independence, or simply supplement your income. Here are the steps you'll need to take to get from complete novice to investing in your first property.

Everyone wishes to earn money in a passive manner.

Others start a blog, while others start a drop shipping business. However, many people choose a more traditional source of income: real estate investing.

You're not alone in wanting to learn how to begin investing in real estate. In the United States, there are about 22 million rental properties. Individual real estate investors own almost 16 million of them, and the demand for rental houses is expected to continue to rise.

Should you, on the other hand, engage into real estate investing? Before you make that decision, you must first answer a number of questions.

Is Real Estate a Good Investment?

Real estate has long been seen as a sound investment. Home values in the United States have increased by 3.8 percent during 2018, compared to a 2.3 percent increase in general inflation. [3] [4] Real estate can also be used as a "defence" against inflation. You can raise rent every year while keeping your mortgage the same.

For every proponent of real estate, there is a vocal detractor who claims it is not worth the effort and that better returns can be found elsewhere.

Finally, for those who appreciate it, real estate is a terrific investment. If you enjoy learning new things, looking for bargains, researching properties, and collaborating with others, real estate could be a terrific investment plan for you.

Even if you like real estate, it may not be a wise investment at this time. You should wait if you aren't financially solid enough to pay for a down payment, closing charges, and basic repairs on top of your personal living expenses.

There are a plethora of investment possibilities available to help you build wealth. One of these is real estate. If you're planning for retirement and want to take your wealth-building to the next level, understanding how to start investing in real estate is a good place to start.

Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing

It will take a lot of planning and studying, but if you follow certain procedures, you will be able to conquer the learning curve and begin creating your real estate portfolio.

Step 1: Start learning

Know what to search for from other experienced investors before you go on Zillow and start browsing foreclosures. Real estate mistakes can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

By learning from others who have gone before you, you can prevent some of those misfortunes. Reading real estate investing books, listening to podcasts, finding a mentor, and networking with other investors in your region are all good places to start.

Step 2: Set a goal

Determine what you want to get out of real estate. Are you seeking for a way to supplement your income while still working full-time? Do you want to be able to retire early if you work hard enough? Or do you want to start a company that will employ people?

Make a list of long-term and short-term objectives that you can manage. Having a clear understanding of your business and income objectives can assist you in selecting the best real estate investment plan and avoiding deals that will take up too much of your time or money.

Step 3: Choose a real estate investing strategy

Individual investors aren't limited to single-family homes when it comes to real estate investing. Choose the best plan for you based on your income and time goals.


Real estate crowdfunding is the most passive way to invest in real estate, and it's a good place to start if you don't have much money. Rather than relying on a single major investor, crowdsourcing allows large developers to generate funds through a series of smaller individual investments.

Individual investors can start investing in real estate with as little as $500 thanks to companies like Fundrise and EquityMultiple.

Hacking  homes

House hacking entails staying in a house while renting out sections of it, thus living for free or very little money. Because you'll be occupying the house, you won't need to put down a 20% deposit, making it easier to get started.

Renting out rooms in your home, purchasing a multifamily property and renting the other units, or renting space or rooms on Airbnb are all options for house hacking.


Flipping houses is a fast-paced technique. Investors purchase a property at a low cost, renovate it, and resell it as soon as feasible. While it can be a profitable venture, you will need more capital up front to be successful.


An individual, or wholesaler, discovers a deal and places a contract on the property with the seller using this method. They then look for a buyer for the property, which is usually another real estate investor, and assign the contract to the buyer at a higher price.

The wholesaler pays the buyer, and the seller pays the wholesaler, with the wholesaler keeping the difference. This is similar to a finder's fee.

The property hasn't had any modifications, additions, or even money invested in it. If you're adept at discovering deals, the profit is lesser, but the potential is higher. It takes a lot of patience, research, and networking to find investors who are looking for projects.

Single-Family Homes: Buy and Hold

Many people begin their real estate investing careers by renting out their primary residence once they have relocated. Treat your next house purchase as an investment if you aren't ready to invest right now but know you will in the future.

Lisa Harrison was relieved that she had decided to transform her home into an investment property.

"It lessens tension because you don't have to go through the process of looking for a home and bidding on it," she explained. "Also, you'll probably already have a mortgage on it, so you won't have to deal with that." But, for me, the best part about converting a present home into a rental is that you're already familiar with it. You're well-versed in all the peculiarities and how to cope with them."
The investor buys a single-family home, leases it out, and keeps it for a long period under this method. You can make it seem nicer with less expensive features than you would if you were flipping it, but you won't get as much money back as quickly.

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5 Easy Ways to Generate Passive Income with Your Car

 You won't have to modify your schedule or lifestyle if you choose to pursue these chances. You'll be able to drive your car normally while also earning some extra cash.

Some businesses will compensate you for your mileage data. This is a simple way to earn some passive cash with your car if you drive a lot and don't mind selling that information.

1. Tapestri

Tapestri is a location data broker that works with big companies to assist them understand consumer shopping behaviors. They accomplish this by selling the anonymized location data of all app users.

You're already handing out your location data if you use Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Waze, or a million more apps. (When you downloaded and activated the app, you gave your approval.)

Tapestri is an app that you install and then forget about. That is all there is to it. As you travel about town with your automobile, it records your location history. You don't have to interact with the app in any way, and simply leaving it installed will earn you up to $25 per month, every month.

I earned a little more than $5 in the first ten days of using the app, and I couldn't care less if Target wants to know I work from home all day.

2. OnMyWay

OnMyWay is a data collection app that helps people avoid driving while distracted. You can acquire a link to download the app by going to the website and entering your phone number. You'll get $10 just for downloading it, plus $0.05 per mile driven without texting.

Although you won't get paid in cash to your bank account, PayPal, or Venmo account, you can use your profits to buy in-app discounts or shop at obscure stores like Hollywood Sensation or Jordan Lash. These are coupon codes that advertisers have purchased, and they range in value from $10 to $100.

3. Mobilo

Mobilo is a smartphone software that aims to eliminate distracted driving by paying users with points rather than cash. Your phone's Google Maps or another GPS app will be activated by the app. You'll earn points if you drive faster than 12 mph for at least two minutes.

Every minute you don't use your phone, Mobilo will give you one point. Every time you use your phone while driving, you'll lose a point. Your points can be exchanged for Mobilo, a new cryptocurrency. Mobilo will be accepted as a method of payment in the future by insurance companies and others who prioritize safe driving, according to the business.

The sole thing you can buy with the cryptocurrency as of February 2020 is Mobilio Airbag, which will help you if you get into an accident while riding with Zipcar or Share Now. You can use Mobilio Airbag to pay the damage cost Zipcar or Share Now will charge you if you buy it 30 minutes before your ride and don't use your phone throughout the journey.

4. Getaround

Getaround is a car sharing app that allows car owners to connect to people who need to rent a vehicle. According to the company, you can use it to earn hundreds of dollars per month as long as your car meets its requirements:

  • Model year is 2010 or newer
  • Has fewer than 125,000 miles
  • Seats a maximum of 8 passengers
To get started with Getaround, create a free account, including details like the dates your car will be available as well as a pick-up and drop-off location. After a 30-day free trial, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $99 and a flat fee of $20 per month to continue to use the app.

A Getaround representative will install Getaround Connect, a device that allows renters to locate and unlock your car. You’ll also receive a digital key so you can access and unlock your car from your phone any time you’d like. Additionally, your car will carry a $1 million insurance policy when you rent it out.

You can read more about the company and how it works in our Getaround review.

5. Turo

Another car-sharing app is Turo. According to the company, if you own a car registered in any state except New York, you can utilize it to make $500 per month or more. Your vehicle must also meet the following requirements according to the platform:

  • Be no more than 12 years old
  • Have 130,000 miles or fewer
  • Doesn’t exceed $150,000 in value
To join Turo, establish an account and then select "List Your Car." Enter information such as the make, model, and license plate number from there. Include information such as the size of the trunk and whether your vehicle has features such as a built-in GPS or leather seats.

Turo will recommend a daily charge for your car, but you can set your own price. How much of the rental payments you get to keep depends on the insurance coverage you choose.

Here’s an overview of your options.
  • Standard Plan: The standard plan provides liability coverage as well as physical damage protection. You'll also get 70% of the cost of your vacation back.
  • Premium Plan: If you choose the premium plan, you will receive 65 percent of your trip revenue. This plan is similar to the basic one, but it additionally includes wear and tear as well as the loss of rental income.
  • The basic plan does not include coverage for wear and tear or loss of rental income. Turo will cover 20% of the first $3,750 in car damage expenditures and then 100% beyond that. You'll get to keep 85 percent of the cost of your trip.
Standard Plan: The standard plan provides liability coverage as well as physical damage protection. You'll also get 70% of the cost of your vacation back.
Premium Plan: If you choose the premium plan, you will receive 65 percent of your trip revenue. This plan is similar to the basic one, but it additionally includes wear and tear as well as the loss of rental income.
The basic plan does not include coverage for wear and tear or loss of rental income. Turo will cover 20% of the first $3,750 in car damage expenditures and then 100% beyond that. You'll get to keep 85 percent of the cost of your trip.

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30 Tricks You Need to Know About!


1. Buy PC games direct from Twitch

Twitch now lets you buy and download games direct from the pages of many of its partnered streamers. Titles include Broken Age and Titan Souls, and purchases are made via your Amazon account.

2. Discover new NHS apps

The NHS has created a beta website to recommend digital tools for improving your health. So far it has approved just one - myCOPD - and is still testing others, but it's a great way of seeing which apps are built on solid medical evidence.

3. Find out who owns UK land

Want to know more about that patch of land up the road? Click its location on this map to see details from the Land Registry, its potential for agriculture, the risk of flooding and any planning restrictions.

4. Insure yourself with a chatbot

Sign up to Kevinsured and you can ask chatbot Kevin to cover you against fraud, theft, scams, fakes and more when you're buying on sites such as Cragslist and Gumtree. It's free to use and you're protected up to the equivalent of $100 (£80).

5. Lighten up your emails

The Emotional Labor extension for Gmail scans your emails to make your messages more friendly. Created to be more satirical than useful, clicking the smiley face adds exclamation marks, informal greetings and 'lots'.

6. Get Alexa on your television

Amazon's digital assistant Alexa is now available on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, allowing you to launch apps, control content and search on your television using your voice. To find out more about Alexa, turn to our FAG on page 36.

7. See how far you can travel

Click anywhere on this map and layers of colours will show how far you can drive from that location within a set period of time, taking into account congestion, public transport and round-trips. You can add up to five destination markers for specific route information.

8. Build the highest tower

This tricky game from Guinness World Records invites you to build the highest tower possible. Click the screen to make individual blocks fall but be careful: should one misplaced brick fall, it's game over.

9. Stream SoundCloud with iOS

You've long been able to stream music from SoundCloud to your Chromecast on Android, but not in the iOS app. Now, subscribers to SoundCloud Go+ can benefit on both platforms.

10. Shout about web content

This Chrome extension and iOS app lets you save and share web content. When you see an article, PDF, video or image you like, simply tap the Shout button. You can also organize the items into lists, which you can make private or public.

11. Download NASA software for free

NASA's 2017-18 software catalogue is packed with tools that the space agency uses to explore the universe. It's complex stuff, but you can download any program for free.

12. See a map of movie locations

This map shows 82 homes in the UK that have appeared in movies, including Harry Potter and Batman. You can search by location and genre, and the website pinpoints the various spots. You can see a Street View image too.

13. Watch video previews in Netflix

Netflix's spruced-up interface uses real-time video to let you watch previews of shows as you're browsing. These deliver a short synopsis of a programme and can be viewed via game consoles, smart TVs and Roku devices.

14. Play a classic synth in your browser

Hop online and try this interactive simulation which recreates the layout of the 1984 vintage Roland Juno-106 synth and lets you play around with its analog sound.

15. Look at Tube map rip-offs

Henry Beck's famous London Underground map was conceived in 1931 and has inspired many copycats and parodies since. This map uses the classic design to list 300 imitators. using the stations as links to each example.

16. View Roman inscriptions

There are thousands of Roman inscriptions across the UK, and this map lets you find many of them. Click markers to see drawings of each one, along with details of where and when they were found.

17. Check house market fluidity

Wondering how long houses take to sell in your area? Enter a postcode into this tool and it uses data from Rightmove and the Land Registry to give you an estimate. It also shows the difference between asking prices and the eventual sale price.

18. Create a bee friendly garden

The ecological importance of bees is well known, but populations have slumped. This tool lets you look up the flowers in your garden to see how bee-friendly your patch is, and discover which plants can help it become better for pollinators.

19. Check hygiene ratings

Just Eat is now dishing out Food Standards Agency hygiene information for tens of thousands of restaurants. Before ordering your grub, click the Info tab on the eatery's page to see a rating and find out when it was last inspected.

20. See and hear London species

Download the Deep Listener app and head for Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park in London There you can embark on an augmented-reality ecological expedition that lets you see and hear London plane trees, bats, parakeets, azure blue damselflies and reedbeds.

21. Switch from songs to videos

 Subscribers to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium can now switch from playing audio to watching a music video without interrupting the tune. The feature works for five million tracks.

22. Report fake news on Instagram

False content can be flagged for attention on Instagram by launching the app, tapping the three-dot menu and selecting Report and Its Inappropriate. Tap False Information and the report will train Al to watch out for similar content in future.

23. Calculate the chance of rain

This weather calculator warns if rain will ruin a wedding day, but its Met Office data can also be used to predict the dampness of future events. Enter a date and region to see a percentage chance of rainfall.

24. Get your podcast on Spotify

If you're a podcaster, Spotify for Podcasters lets you share your audio with audiences and provides a discovery and analytics dashboard to view average listening times, total listeners and episode streams.

25. Keep score of the rugby

Keep up with 2019 Rugby World Cup - running till 2 November - via Google News. View the scores of past games, see upcoming matches, watch highlights via YouTube and check the latest news and tables.

26. Use Gmail's new dark mode

To use Dark Mode in the Android Gmail app, set your entire device to the dark theme or open Settings in Gmail and select Theme, Dark. The app also darkens on Pixel phones with Battery Saver enabled. On iOS, go to Settings, Dark Theme.

27. Tour the Palace of Versailles

This stunning tour of the majestic French palace includes 18 online exhibitions and 3D models of rooms and objects, as well as a SteamVR app that has reconstructed 3D models of objects from 2D images.

28. Follow topics on Twitter

Rather than trying to keep up with the latest news by following individuals on Twitter, you can now follow topics instead. Search for a subject (there are more than 300) and choose Follow in the results.

29. Remove Facebook shortcuts

Facebook now lets you manage its navigation options in the Android and i05 apps. Tap and hold an icon (such as Marketplace or Watch) to remove it from the shortcuts bar or turn off the notification dots.

30. Search The Guardian records

The Guardian News & Media Archive's records relate to its online presence from 1995 until 2009. Use terms such as "guardian online" for written descriptions of documents, but you'll need to make an appointment and visit the paper's London office to view them.

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List of 6 of Top-Rated Copy Paste Jobs Sites India 2022

All of the sites mentioned in this article accept payments on a timely basis. We urge that you only apply for jobs through a reputable site such as the ones indicated below

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a fantastic site where you can earn a good amount of money each month by doing copy-paste jobs.

The nicest thing about Fiverr is that, unlike other platforms, the process of selecting you for selling does not take long. To acquire work proposals from clients, you must first create a gig. You will almost certainly receive a work proposal if your gig appeals to them. As a result, everything hinges on how successfully you marketed your gig on the site.

You can even let your friends or acquaintances know about your gig so that you can get a suitable work quickly. Many clients on Fiverr are looking for freelancers that can perform copy-paste work. So, get your hands dirty with this incredible platform and create a captivating gig.

From the dashboard, you can also learn how to create a fantastic Fiverr gig. It will assist you in the greatest way possible.

2. Clickindia

Are you looking for a copy-paste job but can't seem to locate one that will pay you well? If you're seeking for an answer, ClickIndia is the place to go.

It is a capable classified site where employers post free and paid ads to discover qualified individuals for open positions. On the other side, the platform benefits job searchers by making it easier for them to discover a position that matches their skills.

Before you are hired and begin working for an advertiser, you must first authenticate the advertiser's account. If you do not receive payment for the job, ClickIndia will not be held liable.

3. Guru

Guru is a website where you may find dozens of online copy-paste jobs. The best feature about the platform is that you can make an account for free and search for jobs that match your qualifications. Isn't that exactly what you wanted?

The method of advertising a job on this site is simple, so whether you're an employer or a freelancer, you can easily submit a job and outsource your freelance work.

As a freelancer, you must apply suitable filters to whatever task you seek. For example, if you're seeking for copy-paste employment, all you have to do on Guru is apply for a filter that lists copy-paste opportunities. It will just provide you with information.

4. Flexjobs

Are you looking for a rewarding job? Flexjobs is another great site for finding online copy-paste jobs without having to pay a daily fee. If you're looking for remote work, part-time jobs, or freelance opportunities, Flexjobs is the place to go. It will also allow you to collaborate with top-rated organizations such as Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Salesforce, PWC, and others.

Despite the fact that it is a free platform. You can, however, upgrade to the premium version to apply to several jobs. You must pay $24.95 every month to purchase its subscription. The platform's main feature is that it offers all users a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as personal customer service. How cool!

5. OnlineWorksIndia

It is one of the real copy-paste work sites that allows many people in India to earn enough money to cover their daily costs. Working 5 to 6 hours per day on OnlineWorksIndia will earn you anywhere between Rs.10,000 and Rs.20,000 per month.

Are you considering using this platform to make money as well? To do so, you must pay Rs.1000 in joining costs, which are refundable if you decide not to continue. After you pay the joining costs, you will be assigned copy-paste job for 6 months or possibly longer. It means that for a Rs.1000 registration fee, you can earn anywhere between Rs.60,000 and Rs.1,20,000 in 6 months. Isn't this a great deal?

6. MegaTypers

MegaTypers is not a platform for freelancers. Instead, it's a network that connects thousands of people across India with attractive job opportunities from a variety of employers, brands, and government agencies.

This platform is great for anyone who want to make money online doing copy-paste jobs. This site offers complete data input and copy-paste tasks. The best aspect is that you will be paid promptly at the end of each month. The payment is made in the first week of the following month via UPI or direct deposit into bank accounts.

Students who are wanting to make a living and cover their daily expenses frequently use the platform. It allows you to earn anywhere between Rs.10,000 and Rs.18,000
Best Free Flickr Alternatives

 With Flickr downgrading its free 1TB storage to a distinctly ungenerous 1,000 pictures, now is the ideal time to find an alternative home for your photos. we eye up the best online photo-storage services.

1. Google Photos 

Once upon a time. Google Photos was part of the ill-fated Google+ service. Now, spun out as a standalone app, it's a near-faultless photo-focused storage service that offers users unlimited storage for free.

First, a note about that 'unlimited storage'. There's no such thing as a free lunch: if you take advantage of its infinite space, Google will cap your image resolution to 16 megapixels and 10130p for videos. If you're a home user uploading snapshots from your phone or budget digital camera, it shouldn't be a problem. But if you want your high-res photos stored in all their original glory, you'll be limited to 1SGB across all Drive services, including Photos.

Google's paid-for storage upgrades are good value -100GB costs just £1.59 a month, and more options are being rolled out under the new Google One plan which shares storage across Photos, Drive and Gmail, and can be shared with family members.

The layout is uncomplicated, whether on the web or the identical smartphone app. With its spacious overview, viewing, uploading, sharing, and editing is effective and intuitive. When you open a photo, the viewing experience remains faithful, with no rogue pixelation or downgraded resolutions. And that big old Search bar is clever enough to find all your photos of, say, a field, without you needing to tag them.

Google Photos' crowning glory is the Assistant. Tucked away on the left-hand sidebar, and also under the Create tab at the top of the screen, there's a media editor that's smart enough to tweak a photo's lighting, add filters, animate still images, and cut videos into GIFs. Once you're happy with the results, press Save to store Al's handiwork (don't worry, it won't overwrite the original). You can also use the Assistant for your own creations, including animations, collages, and films.

2. OneDrive

Microsoft's OneDrive -our preferred cloud-storage service for some time - is a simple tool that integrates well with both desktops and smartphones. Sign up for free to get 5GB storage plus Microsoft Office Online, which includes Word and Excel (Office 365 subscribers get 1TB of storage for free). However, it lacks Google Photos' pin-sham focus and elegance of use.

The sidebar's Photos hub lets you explore all pictures chronologically. The menu across the top lets you view them by Albums, Tags, and Places. Select a photo to unlock an array option, including edit, share and embed.

A nice touch is OneDrive's album creator, which automatically collates your photos based on the date they were taken. As a 'smart' cloud-storage solution, we were also impressed with OneDrive's ability to cleverly recognize and tag themes, including people, animals, sunsets, cities, and much more (weirdly, even lndoors' and '#meetingrooms' had their own tags).

3. Shoebox

If you'd rather keep your data away from the internet giants, stash your photos in Shoebox. It offers Android and iOS apps, and browser-based uploads - although, if you're using Windows or Mac OS, the desktop app is a smarter choice because the website doesn't always load properly. Syncing is immediate, and the Search function reads metadata, so you can quickly find pictures based on times, dates, and specific locations.

The "forever free" plan offers unlimited photo backup, though image resolutions are capped at 10.6 megapixels. That's probably fine for home users because phone cameras generally hit 8 to 16 megapixels - and it's tough to spot the difference without zooming right in. But it's not suitable for serious photography enthusiasts.

4. iCloud 

There's barely a cigarette-paper's difference between Apple's iCloud and OneDrive - our recommended general cloud storage service. Both offer 5GB for free and syncing is quick and simple. But the old-fashioned iCloud doesn't categorize images, which forces you to create and manage your folders. It all comes down to price: if you're an iPhone owner wanting a massive 2TB storage and don't need free Microsoft Office, then iCloud's £7 a month is good value.

5. Dropbox  

Once the cloud-storage king, now struggling against its better-equipped rivals, Dropbox suffers the same problem as iCloud: lack of file-type organization. Files and photos are lumped together, leaving you to sort everything out yourself. Free users only get 2GB storage, though images aren't downgraded or capped. But we appreciate the File Explorer integration, which, like Windows' local OneDrive folder, makes uploads quick and easy.

6. Canon Irista

Irista, from the top camera brand Canon, gives free users an uncommonly generous 15GB just for signing up, which is tempting in a sea of 1GB and 5GB offers. Sadly, it's let down by an inconsistent service: syncing across devices is slow, uploading is slow, and we struggled to add even modestly sized pictures without receiving error messages.